Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prayerful preparation

Hola! (Just brushing up on my Spanish!)

Excitement is growing daily as I prepare for this incredible journey of faith across land, sea and internet. As I investigate I continue to learn more and more about the six days that we will experience in Madrid, Spain. (More about France in another blog.)
In addition to the WYD main events along with catechesis sessions offered by bishops from across the globe and, of course, Mass with Pope Benedict XVI, there will be a Cultural Program that will include concerts, exhibits, museum tours, plays and more. This all according to the official WYD website — Check it out!

Other items of interest:

                                                           The official WYD emblem.

WYD Pilgrim Prayer

Friend and Lord Jesus Christ 
by the World Youth Day team in Madrid 

Friend and Lord Jesus Christ, 
How great You are! 
With Your words and Works You have revealed to us 
Who God is, Your Father and our Father, 
and Who You are: our Savior. 
You call us to be with You. 
We wish to follow You wherever You go. 

We thank You for Your Incarnation. 
You are the Eternal Son of God, 
but You humbled Yourself and became man. 
We thank You for Your Death and Resurrection. 
You obeyed the Father's will to the extreme 
and for this reason You are the Lord of all persons and things. 
We thank You for having remained amongst us in the Eucharist. 

Your Presence, Your Sacrifice, Your Banquet 
Invite us to remain always united to You. 
You Call us to work with You. 
We wish to go wherever You send us: 
to announce Your name, to heal in Your Name, 
to bring all of our brothers to You. 

Grant us Your Holy Spirit, to enlighten and strengthen us. 
The Virgin Mary, the Mother You gave us on the cross, 
always encourages us to do what You say. 
You are our Life. May our thoughts, our love and our actions 
always be rooted in You! 
You are our Rock. May our faith in You always 
be the solid foundation of our life! 

We pray for Pope Benedict XVI, 
for the Bishops and for all those who 
are preparing the next World Youth Day in Madrid. 

We pray for our family and friends 
and especially for 
all the young people who will get to know you 
in this encounter, thanks to the firm and joyful 
testimony of the faith. 

WYD 2011 Hymn

Firmes en la fe, firmes en la fe! 
We go forward in Christ, he's our companion and he is Lord! 
Glory be to him!  Glory be to him! 
We go forward in Christ, made stronger in our faith. 
Your love, it builds us up and keeps us rooted, 
Your cross, it gives us constant strength and courage, 
Your flesh, it ever saves us and sustains us, 
Your blood, it flows to cheer us and renew us. 
Firmes en la fe… 
Your hands, they hold us when we have been wounded, 
Your eyes, they purify the way we see things, 
Your lips, they speak to us words of forgiveness, 
Your feet, they guide our steps to find life's fullness. 
Firmes en la fe... 
Your breath, it is the breeze that blows from heaven, 
Your smile, it is the sign of grace and blessing, 
Your precious wounds, they are love's burning embers, 
Your sorrows are the price of our souls' ransom. 
Firmes en la fe... 
Your face is like an icon of life's fullness, 
Your countenance is light from death returning, 
Your death, it is the reason for my living, 
The baptism of my flesh in your salvation. 
Firmes en la fe...
Your glory is our future, men and women 
Who, aided by your grace, go forth together; 
Your Church, a house which has a thousand doorways, 
A house built on your rock, so firmly rooted. 
Firmes en la fe... 
We are the young, and Mary journeys with us, 
And like a joyful bride she sings your praises; 
With her we too shall sing and praise your triumph, 
Because already death has been defeated. 
Firmes en la fe...

So there you have it. If you have time, check out these websites. This promises to be a life changing trip. Please join us in our pilgrim prayer as we petition our Lord to help us become deeply rooted and firm in our faith.

Buenas noches!

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