Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Free day!


Today was a free day for our weary group. Everyone took leisurely walks around this magnificent city. Some went to museums, others sought shops. Yours truly went back to bed after breakfast as my head didn't hit the pillow till 5:30 a.m. after wrestling with this blog all night.

My group of young adults and I went in search of lunch around 1:30 and didn't get our food till 5:30, right before we needed to be back at the hotel to walk down to the Opening Mass for WYD with the rest of the diocesan pilgrims. However, during our incredible wait for lunch, we met some very interesting groups of Catholic from all over the world. Did you know that youth bring trinkets from their homeland to trade with others they meet? Our group is hand crafting rope rosaries and boy are they a hit. Many wanted us to show them how to make them. We've received buttons, bracelets, hats, t-shirts and much more in return. The kids love it. (I do too!)

I've heard it said before that it is striking to be with so many from across the globe who share your faith. And now I understand it. I watch the pride and enthusiasm of all the youth here. Proud of their countries and their faith. And they are so happy to learn about us. It's wonderful.

It was an overwhelming sight to see the mass of humanity that is attending this event on the main thoroughfare tonight. The Mass, celebrated by the archbishop of Madrid, was shown on big screen and was beautiful to behold. Dinner afterwards and now to bed. We eat late here and retire late as well. It's a very different culture and so interesting.

I will post photos when I return from our first of three catechetical sessions tomorrow.

God's peace to you.


  1. What a different life you all are experiencing, but yet all the same. Thank you for all the posts and info and I will be praying you get some rest and sleep.

  2. I heard a broadcast from Madrid on Redeemer Radio this noon as I was driving in to work. I caught a bit of commentary and some music from Uberzone(?) and an immense wave of cheering and applause. That sound of all of those people was a joy to me, hearing what I am seeing on your blog. Wow! Called to be the new saints! Cheer each other on!--
    Nancy Simmonds, Fort Wayne

  3. Thanks again Kay, what a blessing you are to all of us following your blog. I pray abundant blessings on you for the gift you have given all of us!