Sunday, August 28, 2011

Group share and random happenings


I am taken back to the day we met as a large group at the hotel, excited to share experiences and gather information about our pilgrimage to the airfield.

The baths at Lourdes were the high points for many of the pilgrims, who said they found a new inner peace they had never experienced before washing in the frigid spring water.

I shared that though I was not thinking of her, I felt my deceased mom's presence at the baths. She had a deep devotion to Our Lady and I commented that she would have loved being there. 

Another said that though those feelings were spectacular, God worked sometimes in our interior without us even knowing it. Her insight was very wise as we continue to grow in faith. Who knows how this pilgrimage will change our lives...

One miracle I can report as an eye witness, still astounds me. One of our young women took a bad fall in the hotel bath in Burgos. She lay motionless in severe pain on the bathroom floor and was eventually helped to bed with an ice pack. She was then given some Lourdes water to drink. After receiving the sacrament of the sick from Father Matt, the pilgrim slept the night. In the morning, though she reported she was sore from the fall, her back pain was gone! She was able to participate in all of the events including the walks for the rest of the trip. God is truly good!

We traveled the city via metro and had some good times doing it. Most days the cars were packed like sardines. However there were rare moments when we could dance a jig in the near empty cars. We also liked to sing about our faith and the pope. No one seemed to mind.

And of course, pilgrims took turns using the internet to check facebook and email home. 

The graffiti was amazing in Spain — and it was everywhere. Our own Laura found her name and couldn't resist this photo op.

Our vigil starts tomorrow. See you then.

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