Monday, August 22, 2011

Next stop — USA!!!!


We all arrived safely in Paris ... all at various times due to plane delays — some waiting for electrical storms to pass. There was no excursion to the Eiffel Tower last night! But safe we are and extremely tired. I think I speak for all the pilgrims when I say — when my head hit the pillow I was out.

I have no time to download photos today as we leave in minutes. But I hope that you will log on to the blog in days to come as I share testimonies of these spirited pilgrims and loads of exciting and meaningful photos (better late than never, right?)

Remind me to tell you about the young man from Georgia that I had the pleasure of sitting beside on our flight to Paris. A divine meeting for sure!

Anyway, just know that these weary travelers are already sharing personal stories of faith, truth and joy with each other as we prepare for our flight. They're ready to be home surrounded by their loved ones. Most have come on this journey knowing that they would miss a few important first days of school. Pray for their transition home ... that they can carry in their hearts and witness with their actions the glory of God experienced on this trip.

And if you will, please pray for us as we take our loooong flight over the ocean returning to our beloved US.

See you soon!

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