Sunday, August 21, 2011

A grand adventure — or is that misadventure?


A quick post before I head off to the cathedral for Sunday Mass with our group.

Our pilgrims made an incredible journey on foot to the airfield where the pope would arrive for the vigil last night and the Sunday Mass. Unfortunately our spot was taken and the gates closed by the time we arrived about 6 p.m. We encountered a lightening storm (our shared prayers got us through) and slept in a field outside the grounds on our air mattresses. We pooled money to buy sandwishes as they would not take our vouchers for our bagged food.

This morning we headed to the gate to get to our spot, which we were told was open now and were turned away again. With much dismay and discernment we chose to return to the hotel and attend Mass together at the cathedral.

The safe but weary pilgrims were surprisingly not disheartened by this misadventure. Moreover they all agreed that even though we were not able to attend the papal Mass, this has been an exciting and fulfilling trip.

Off to Mass. More later.

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  1. I am disappointed you did not get to witness the Papal Mass in person. Perhaps, like the NFL, it may be a better experience on TV and in reruns! You all continue in our prayers. Msgr John mentioned you at our Saturday evening Mass, We are praying for your safe return and for the health and energy of the Holy Father. Msgr John could use some of your prayers for that same reason; he looked a little fragile. Deacon Jim Fitzpatrick gave the homily. We are so fortunate to have such a man called to help us approach and understand the word of God. Bless our deacons! We also received a call for volunteers for Vincentfest. It was remarked that Fr. Polycarp was 'disappointed' he will be unavailable to join the dunktank. How much laughter graces a congregation! I read in a Catholic books publication that the National Catholic Youth Conference will be held in Indy in mid-November. I am praying that our mighty WYD group shall somehow have a voice and presence so close to home. Have a safe journey home. We need you. Nancy Simmonds, Fort Wayne.