Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Lord's day

Hola from Burgos, Spain!

The pilgrims have had a full and exciting adventure on this the Lord's day. We left Lourdes bright and early and arrived at Loiola (Spanish spelling) in mid afternoon. This site was astounding as we joined the Harrisburg WYD group for lunch, tours and Mass. Then back on the bus for three more hours of beautiful countryside and slap happy pilgrims to Burgos, Spain. I have lots to share, but it is very late and we have traveled far. So catch you tomorrow.

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Buenos Nochas.


  1. I check this blog all the time for updates, although I've noticed that evening is the best shot I have of new news. My daughter, Emma Gray, is with all of you. Our family misses her a lot but I am so happy that she has the opportunity to have this awesome experience. We get about 4 sentences a day from her on facebook so I rely on this blog to flesh out what is going on for all the pilgrims. I am keeping all of you in my prayers! Say a special "Hi" to our St. Vincent's group and give Emma a hug from her mom.
    Thanks Kay for this blog!

  2. Love the group picture! All of us at the Stutzman household are enjoying following you on your spiritual journey through our school room computer. Hugs to you, Jacob, from all of us here. Praying for you all daily.

  3. Praying, praying, praying that you are all having the best pilgrimmage ever! I am following many times a day with the blogs, videos, pictures...I am so excited for you!

    May the closeness you feel with God now, be with you always.

    Hugs to Molly and Bishop Kevin! The photos at Lourdes touched me so much! Mass at the Grotto! What a beautiful gift to have Mass at the Grotto! I'm already having those photos printed!

    Please pray for Lyndsey, a teacher with leukemia and Luke,a student with brain cancer.

    Love to all,
    Robin McCracken

  4. Love to all of you. You are in our prayers - hope your trip is fruitful - sounds like it is.

    Love all the pictures!

  5. Keep them coming! I am Brother Leo's Dad, trying to follow FWSB and the Franciscan Brothers Minor (Fr David's group) on pilgrimage. We are praying for all pilgrims!

  6. Thank you so much for this blog. My brother is traveling with the FW-SB Diocese, so it's pretty amazing to share in his journey from afar. Safe travels to you all. I am saying my prayers for you.

    Emily VanFossen
    St. John the Baptist; Fort Wayne, IN

  7. Thank you for posting this picture Kay! It feels so good to see my daughter looking so happy. You can see in all the kids faces that they are truly having a wonderful time making new friends as they share and grow in the faith.


  8. How wonderful to be able to follow your pilgrimage to Lourdes. Thank you so much for the updates and beautiful pictures.

    Also wanted to let Rose know she has a brand new niece, Vanessa Michelle, born August 14th at 3:18 am weighing in at 7 lbs. She was 19.5 in long.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this great journey with us all. Just one big favor... WE WANT TO SEE OUR KIDS!!!!!! Ana Diaz, Chris and Sarai Rodriguez from South Bend. Have fun and we are praying for all of you.

    Rosalina Diaz and Margarita Rodriguez